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Reviews on Yelp:

"Everything was great. No one had any complaints. They are very careful to make sure everything you order comes out right and you have no issues. I thought the steak was the best part until I had the tiramisu.
This has become a Valentine's Day tradition to go there."

"Just had red snapper over grilled brussell sprouts n topped with a ginger calamari! To die for! Such wonderful people working here too! So nice!"

Reviews on Trip Advisor:

"The staff at the hotel says Augustino's has the best steaks in Augusta. I almost tried that but I love lasagna and our waiter said it is an original receipt. It was terrific. The service was good. No complaints."

"I have been to this restaurant inside the Marriott. The food is fabulous whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner or special occasions. They have a private room for parties of 8 or more. I have celebrated friends' and my own birthday and brought my own cake. The prices are reasonable especially for lunch."